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About VOICE Sprecherverband

Find your voice


We are VOICE, the power protection association for voice artists and actors. We´ve got the country's best voices amongst us. All of VOICE´s members are self employed voice actresses and actors.

Through decades of successfull assignments in recording studios, television networks and the film industry our society became a seal of quality – guaranteed organic and from a farm near you! Since it´s founding year 1991 VOICE serves only the vocal tenderloin to advertising agencies, filmproduction companies and sound studios (free-range guaranteed).

Our VOICE-artists are familiar voices (best known from TV- and radio advertisements) and they accompany you since the beginning of time to work, during lunch, at the grocery shopping or while relaxing after you call it a day. Rumor has it that some people even have a preferred voiceactor/voiceactress „for certain hours“…